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Asian Inspired- Chinese Meal 2/14

Sunday, February 23, 2020

3 PM – 6 PM 3996 Pleasantdale Rd, Atlanta, GA 30340-4208, United States


THIS INTERACTIVE Asian Inspired- Chinese Meal is presented at J's Culinary Incubator and provides a fun activity for celebrating all kinds of events, and is an ideal way for friends, family and business colleagues to bond in and outside of work. We provide everything!

Try your hand in this 3-hour Chinese class presented at J's Culinary Incubator! Learn the traditional art of Chinese Fried Rice and Eggroll making. Then toast your hard work with a sit-down dinner and a glass of wine or Non-Alcoholic sparkling cocktail and dessert, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

This small-group workshop is limited to 10 people to keep the experience as intimate as possible.

*NOTE: ALL FISH PRODUCTS ARE COOKED What To Expect: *You will learn the traditional art of Chinese Fried Rice and Eggroll making *Dress comfortable & relaxed *Dine on your creations with wine, old & new friends *Recipes & instructions for making Sushi at home, easily and successfully **Small-group limited to 10 What To Bring: Just bring your fun spirit and appetite! 创造享受和享受: Chuàngzào xiǎngshòu hé xiǎngshòu [Create Eat and enjoy] -Angie