Moscato Champagne Jellies and they are Fancy!


{There's nothing wrong with being Fancy}


When I think of  foods for celebrating,

I always think of clean, bright flavors with a

dash of decadence thrown in, I want my foods as glitter as my spirit! 


My beautiful little Champagne Jelly added to a side, certainly makes any meal feel like a celebration.

The intent was to incorporate this condiment into

a recipe, then realized I needed to take pause

to revel in the divine simplicity that is this jelly.

Jellies can be made from fruit juices and I can’t think of any better fruit juice than Champagne; 

Pink Champagne to be precise.

My Jelly recipe is made with real 'Pink' sparkling Champagne, fine Caster sugar and other

pure & natural ingredients made in small batches for purity.

'Made In Amazing America'

With aromas of creamy white peaches and flavors of luscious passion fruit and honeydew, our Pink Moscato Champagne Jelly pairs perfectly with almost everything.

We use the #1* Moscato Champagne in the country. We do!

We’re pretty sure you’ll have to try it now!

Our fancy contemporary Italian jars, also known as L'Orcio,

give our product the specialty gourmet appeal perfect for housing our jellies!


The sides of the jars feature decorative upraised handles with a lug top finish 

which consists of several tapered ridges designed to require only

a partial turn to seal the cap.

Our tropically inspired Pineapple Artisan Champagne Jelly is made with the juicy taste of perfectly ripe Pineapples, Infused with all the natural flavors of island mango, and sweet papaya,


Our sparkling Pineapple jelly is perfectly ready for pairing, packing a taste of the paradise in every bite but made in the US of A!


This tropical treat is a sweet and vibrant addition to fresh seafood, grilled chicken, or spicier fare. The texture of this smooth translucent golden gel is transfixing. Treat your taste buds to a symphony of flavors and create your own tasty tropical paradise. 


 We’re pretty sure you’ll have to try this too!

Celebrate the decadence of these fancy tinged condiments

And gift the ones' you love 


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Gift Certificate $25

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