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Self Care & Our Friends

Our Stories Begin In A SAFE Kitchen


We are suspending our workshops for a date 'TBD' in later April because of public health concerns with the COVID-19 global pandemic.

We will honor all paid reservations and extend all voucher expirations at our next available set of workshops as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been personally affected by this unprecedented event and we greatly appreciate the healthcare workers and local community officials who are working tirelessly on the front line to contain this coronavirus.

We treasure our opportunity to create great memories and trust you will continue to celebrate your birthdays, Spring Break, family celebrations and other special moments with us as we all look forward to the days when this challenge is behind us. meanwhile, -Take Precautions, Stay Safe and Wash Your Hands-

Thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter



Consider something special * Consider something fancy or Pink Moscato or Pineapple Artisan Jellies are all that, special & fancy!

Our Pink Moscato Champagne jelly and tropically inspired Pineapple Artisan Champagne Jelly are made with notes of white peach and perfectly ripened Pineapples, infused with natural flavors of tropical paradise & elegance, all handmade in the USA and shipped in our fancy AM'sK box, are perfectly ready for pairing.

Treat your taste buds to a symphony of luxurious flavors.

Celebrate the decadence of these fancy tinged condiments with the ones' you love.


God Bless  -Angie

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