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Copycat Aunt Jemima's Pancake Mix- A somber goodbye

After 131 years, PepsiCo is retiring the controversial brand name and mascot, Aunt Jemima, acknowledging that the brand is based on a racial stereotype.

Pepsico said it will drop the image of Aunt Jemima and rebrand the line of pancake mix and syrup that has borne the name since 1889. WELL.......

For years now, many people inadvertently have mixed up Angie Mamma’s with Aunt Jemima and I for one could never figure that out. Angie is not Aunt, we all have one though, and Jemima is not Mamma which I might add is the Italian way of saying Mommy.

With all that said- Aunt Jemima has been a staple for many families breakfast for what seems a hundred years all over the world, but the world has changed, so to effect that change we must pick up our forks (Don’t leave the syrup or butter) and forge on.

Aunt Jemima is among three remaining brand mascots rooted in nostalgia for slavery. Aunt Jemi

ma is synonymous with the mammy stereotype popularized in minstrel shows after the Civil War. According to PepsiCo, the rebrand is intended to help the brand “[evolve] over time with the goal of representing loving moms from diverse backgrounds who want the best for their families.”