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There is nothing better than a peanut butter cookies with a big dollop of Angie Mamma’s Pink Champagne Jelly inserted on top. Unless you drizzle white chocolate all over that cookie!!

These cookies are so easy to make and if you’re gluten-free don’t worry, I’ve got your back!!

This isn’t the dessert I would have on special occasions. This is the kind of thing I’d have for chill moments. Like, having a cup of tea in the afternoon after work, or snacking on something while watching a movie. I would say that these cookies are kind of like shortbread biscuits on the outside, but then they have that little bit of softness and chew on the inside which I think it’s perfect, so I’m glad I stuck it out when testing this recipe as it took me 5 attempts to get it right.

Yes, you read that correctly, out of all the recipes I have done, it took me 5 tries to get COOKIES right…..don’t judge. Anyway, if you’re gluten-free, fear not for there is only one very simple alteration you have to make. See below.


You change the flour….yep, it’s that simple. Use gluten-free self-raising flour instead of regular self-raising flour and your good to go. Perhaps you may want to look at the ingredients when you buy the peanut butter, just to make sure it doesn’t have any stabilizers that contain gluten or anything of that nature, but I doubt that will the case.

The real question is, are they different? And the answer to that is yes, yes indeed. As you can see, the raw dough looks different.

The raw gluten-free cookie dough is a little bit lighter in color, and this is what they look like when they are cooked.