Robin Hood-ish Smoked Medieval Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Lollipop

There were a ton of recipes for chicken lollipops so I wondered why not Turkey.

My daughter said what I have been thinking for years but tradition has been standing in my way... "I HATE THANKSGIVING FOOD"!

I also hate THE ENTIRE TURKEY left over, left-overs sitting in the frig for days and days! When you get down to making soup with the left overs you have become complacent with holidays foods. Thus... turkey drumstick lollipops . . . it’s a bit of work to make them but the results are so worth the effort and time it takes.

Consequently, don’t wait for your next Renaissance Faire event to try them out because they are unique, and most importantly, delicious.

There is something Robin Hood-ish about chomping down on a jumbo turkey leg. Imagine the Merry Men in the kitchen with a roaring fire roasting their big juicy turkey legs while plotting against the Sheriff of Nottingham. You’ll be amply rewarded as the end result of the turkey meat and bacon combination is amazingly delicious.

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