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Oprah’s One Plant-Based Diet a Day for 30 Days- Roasted Pumpkin & Wild Field Mushroom Risotto

Hi guys! I’m following Oprah's One Plant-Based Diet Meal a Day for 30 Days and I'm may try [some] of her recipes in her plant-based food diary!

Back in November, Oprah sat down with author and climate change activist Suzy Cameron about her book, The OMD Plan. In it, Cameron says that the benefits of eating plant-based go way beyond just your own personal health, but also, the health of the planet. Animal agriculture is the number two contributor to climate change, and if you change your diet to include just one plant-based meal each day, you can help save tens of thousands of gallons of water.

Oprah was so moved by the idea that she's decided to try the challenge herself, pledging to eat at least one plant-based meal a day for the next month.

“If you've been thinking about going vegetarian or vegan, I think this is a good way to lean into it where you don't have to give up everything you've been eating your whole life in one day.”

To help her out, Lady O asked her chef, Raymond, to whip up a meal plan for her. And while she jokes that "You know I know how to cook, but I have a chef, so don't be hating!" luckily for those of us without a professional, Chef Raymond is sharing his recipes here...


1 C Arborio Rice

½ C Yellow Onion (Diced)

3 C Butternut Squash (Diced)

1 C Kabocha Squash (Diced)

1 ½ C Mix Mushrooms

3 ½ C Vegetable Stock

1 T Parsley (Chopped)

1 t Sage (Chopped)

1 C Almond Milk

1 T Olive Oil