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Naturally Nourish Your Skin

When I was 22, I promised myself I would start to take particular care of my skin when I turned 30 which, included a daily regimen of internal vitamin D. But I was young, and way lead on to way, and I had forgotten the promise I had made to myself. Now that I am 39 plus processing :), I am reminded of my Mom browbeating the “Take Care of your skin” speech on an ongoing basis. She would include that one zinger line “You won’t be in your 20’s forever”.

Since I am a foodie, It is not necessarily hard to “convince” me of the healing effect coconut oil has, or the cooling effect cucumber has on the skin, these key ingredient can tell the story but there are so many natural nature’s products to choose from.

Here, I’ve compiled a glossary of Natural ‘Home. Made’ food-based and terms to help repair, replenish and refortify your most visible organ- your skin!

But first, “Nourish” is one of those words that sounds like what it does. It feels good to say it. Nourish.. Who does not want to be nourished? Who doesn’t want to nourish their skin? In our fast-paced society, it is difficult to find time to have the perfect balanced diet and vitamin intake. It is tough to absorb skin nourishment from the healing powers of the sun, when you work an office desk job.
Your skin is starving for nourishment. Natural ‘Home. Made’ Nourishing food & products will shock your skin with healthy nutrients all found in nature, like algae, tea tree and seaweed. Known to be rich in nutrients, these ingredients deeply nourish your skin, while moisturizing and protecting it from dryness. Nourish..


The elegance and sophistication of the rose; a subtle yet powerful icon of love, intricate and beautiful in its multitude of forms. It is almost poetic that the oils extracted from this marvelous creation, help to calm and soothe your skin. Rose oil is a key ingredient to reducing redness and blotchiness in your skin. Similarly, Cucumbers have the same targeted effect. Familiar with the iconic spa picture of sliced cucumber? Covering up the model’s eyes as she restfully enjoys the wholesome soothing cucumbers provide? Well, its “iconic” for a reason. Cucumbers are an excellent source for reducing inflammation and regenerating new skin tissue. These key ingredients soothe and moisturize your skin while providing a cooling effect. They restore skin suppleness by replenishing essential nutrients for a luminous complexion.