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Time is TBD


The Culinary Kitchen Incubator


Learn how to make an array of dishes easily with your private party. Then, toast your hard work with a sit-down dinner, a glass of wine and dessert to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This small-group party is limited to 16 persons to keep the experience as intimate as possible.


Time & Location

Time is TBD

The Culinary Kitchen Incubator, 3996 Pleasantdale Rd, Atlanta, GA 30340

About the Event



[WORKSHOP-  usually a brief intensive educational program for a relatively small group of people that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field.]

As well, we will no longer offer OFF-SITE workshops nor will BYOB be allowed. All workshops will be held in our professional culinary kitchen. I have tweaked or overview please read

Detailed Overview: 

OUR INTERACTIVE COOKING WORKSHOP- provides a fun activity for celebrating all kinds of life events and is an ideal way for friends, family, and business colleagues to bond in and outside of work and with others.  

To ensure that you have the best experience during your cooking class, here is what you can expect and how best to prepare for your workshop:  

• The menu: is customized from several tempting culinary countries and some items too good not to include.  

• Each class is roughly about 3 ½ hours and culminates in a full sit-down meal for you to enjoy at the end with a light dessert.  

Before your class: You will receive a reminder via email of the date- location -time.  

• Your chef-instructor will distribute a recipe packet to you to keep and to make notes on, as you wish.  

Grocery shopping: We plan ahead, so you can make the most of your cooking workshop so our attendee list is cut off 24 hours in advance of the event date.  

Cleaning: During the workshop, we strive for a “clean-as-we-go” policy to keep the kitchen orderly during the workshop and so we are left with minimal cleanup.

The COOKING Workshop:

We try hard to ensure the atmosphere is fun, relaxed, engaging, and chock full of culinary information because those are the personality traits of our head chef-instructor.  

• You will choose the date and the time of your workshop, followed by your menu. Please let us know ahead of time if there are any dietary restrictions, sensitivities or food allergies so we can make accommodations. • We’ll start by preparing an hors d’oeuvre for pass arounds during the workshop to snack on, assuring that no one is distracted by an empty stomach during the cooking process.  

• We make wine arrangements for all classes. There will be NO BYOB. Please.   • Day of event: Once everyone is ready to start cooking, usually 15 minutes after you arrive, we’ll gather everyone for an informal discussion about the menu we’ll be preparing so everyone knows what to expect. The workshops are geared to be hands-on, but we acknowledge that some people will want to be in on all the action while others will prefer to mingle and watch.  Both of these scenarios work for us. In the cooking process, someone has to chop-slice and dice! We do not prepare anything as this is a real cooking workshop and we, together, make almost everything from scratch. This is not a restaurant where you are served, we work together as a team.  

• The cooking portion generally runs about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. We are human and we talk, LOL and shed tears of joy and this takes time.  We will all work together if we have a group of 10 or less. With larger groups, a second chef-instructor will join the fun and the group will be split into 2 groups but all focusing on the same meal.  

• Once the food is ready to eat, we set up a buffet with all your dishes for you to sit down and enjoy your meal and your dessert!  You are welcome to linger as long as you like (although we do have a curfew for all events).  

Dress comfortable & relaxed- refrain from open-toe shoes, fancy dresses or your good suit. There will be flour and we know how to use it :) • Dine on your creations with wine, old & new friends • At this point, we do the Social media thing- i.e. Pictures, Boomerang, FB, IG, TikTok, dancing, singing or whatever... just for fun. • Small-group of 8 to limit of 18 to ensures a more personalized experience • Recipes can be emailed to all attendees of each event upon request. What To Bring:

• Just bring your fun spirit and appetite! Lastly:

Gratuity. It is always appreciated if you have had an excellent experience. Our staff works hard for you to enjoy your experience. They help develop a great menu, shop, set up, collab on a theme's for your special event, lend a helping hand and provide clean up services.  

Let's Create. Eat. Enjoy.  -Angie


  • PRIVATE Cooking Workshops

    OUR Pvt. COOKING workshop- provides an interactive and fun activity for celebrating all kinds of events, and is an ideal way for friends, family and business colleagues to bond in and outside of work. We provide all cooking materials. Minimum of 8 persons and a Maximum of 16 people. Just bring your fun spirit and appetite!

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