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Our HOME.MADE.Overview

Recently, we had several people that were dissatisfied with their experience were their expectations where that of a five-star restaurant.

It is never my intention that anyone has a less than amazing experience during any workshop however, things do happen.

The expectations should be focused on:

#1- FUN, not taking away from the culinary HOME.MADE. experience.

#2- Experience, a good one which includes a very realistic approach in the kitchen and...

#3- A feeling of empowerment. (knowledge is power)

I want each participant to have very realistic expectations. You are coming to a cooking WORKSHOP, not a class, not a restaurant but a workshop. You are charged with doing the work. This includes prep-work i.e. chopping/slicing/dicing and measuring. The chef-instructors are there to instruct and to be your helping hand in a very professional environment.

[WORKSHOP- usually a brief intensive educational program for a relatively small group of people that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field.]

As well, we will no longer offer OFF-SITE workshops nor will BYOB be allowed. All workshops will be held in our professional culinary kitchen.

I have tweaked or overview please read

Detailed Overview:

OUR INTERACTIVE COOKING WORKSHOP- provides a fun activity for celebrating all kinds of life events and is an ideal way for friends, family, and business colleagues to bond in and outside of work and with others.

To ensure that you have the best experience during your cooking class, here is what you can expect and how best to prepare for your workshop:

• The menu: is customized from several tempting culinary countries and some items too good not to include.

• Each class is roughly about 3 ½ hours and culminates in a full sit-down meal for you to enjoy at the end with a light dessert.