Our HOME.MADE.Overview

Recently, we had several people that were dissatisfied with their experience were their expectations where that of a five-star restaurant.

It is never my intention that anyone has a less than amazing experience during any workshop however, things do happen.

The expectations should be focused on:

#1- FUN, not taking away from the culinary HOME.MADE. experience.

#2- Experience, a good one which includes a very realistic approach in the kitchen and...

#3- A feeling of empowerment. (knowledge is power)

I want each participant to have very realistic expectations. You are coming to a cooking WORKSHOP, not a class, not a restaurant but a workshop. You are charged with doing the work. This includes prep-work i.e. chopping/slicing/dicing and measuring. The chef-instructors are there to instruct and to be your helping hand in a very professional environment.

[WORKSHOP- usually a brief intensive educational program for a relatively small group of people that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field.]

As well, we will no longer offer OFF-SITE workshops nor will BYOB be allowed. All workshops will be held in our professional culinary kitchen.