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Welcome to the heart & soul of everything... the Kitchen!

Angie is a recipe developer, foodie Connoisseur, and international Entertainment Publicist.


She has been cooking since she was 14 when she prepared an entire Thanksgiving dinner with all the bells and whistles for just she and her dad single-handily. She cooked all through the night and most of the day and has never missed preparing a meal that makes other's HAPPY since.


She loves showing people just how really fun food can be and just how happy food can make you feel, and believes that if a meal looks good, it should taste good, not just passe’ but foot stopping good! And that it should be fresh and as healthy as the dish can be but mostly, it should make you happy.

In an effort to encourage people to get back to basics yet expand their horizons beyond those one-minute foodie video’s were people tend to get lost and that removes the essence of home-crafted dishes, she has pulled together some of her favorites and matched them to current pop culture along with many loved classics and strives to create a fun and empowering environment in which to create.


Angie wants to share her love-affair with creating culinary dishes and teaching others’ to get excited and re-love the kitchen by gathering friends, old and new around the most universal product which brings people together leaving race, religion and political differences at the door and simply enjoying the love of home-crafted real food.

Just amazing how happy everyone is when they leave Angie Mamma’s Kitchen!

ABOUT OUR INTERACTIVE COOKING WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS: They provide a super fun & relaxing atmosphere for celebrating all kinds of events and is an ideal way for old & new friends, family, and business colleagues to bond in and outside of work.

We match foods that are just right for any appetite or age group, from easy to difficult. After all, who would she be if we didn’t push you to the next level?

Date Nights. Girls Night. Guys Nights. Anniversaries. Birthdays. Bridal Showers. Corporate Team Building.

We provide all the cooking materials. Dress comfortably and bring your fun spirit and appetite!. Cooking Workshops and Private Classes Provide Food For Thought

since many of our stories begin.... in the Kitchen



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It's Fancy!




 provide a super fun & relaxing atmosphere for celebrating all kinds of events and is an ideal way for old & new friends, family, and business colleagues to bond in and outside of work.

 Date Nights. Girls/Guys Night. 
Birthdays. Bridal Showers. Corporate Team Building. 
We provide all cooking materials!
Dress comfortably
and bring your fun spirit and appetite!
Create Eat and Enjoy


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